Manchester City F.C. Under Scrutiny for Partnership with 8Xbet: Unveiling the Mystery Behind the Gambling Operator’s Ownership

Manchester City, reigning champions of the English Premier League, made headlines with their sponsorship deal with 8Xbet, a prominent gambling operator. However, questions surrounding the identity of 8Xbet’s owners have cast a shadow over the partnership, raising concerns about transparency and legitimacy. This controversy comes on the heels of the club’s previous sponsorship deal with 3key, which faced scrutiny for its questionable existence.

Initial Sponsorship Announcement:

  • In July, Manchester City announced their partnership with 8Xbet, aiming to expand their fanbase in Southeast Asia through the collaboration. The deal was positioned as a strategic move to capitalize on the growing popularity of football in the region.
  • Despite the commonplace nature of such sponsorships, suspicions arose regarding the backgrounds of key figures within 8Xbet, including its founder and CEO. Questions were raised about the legitimacy of the company and the veracity of its claims.

Scrutiny and Unanswered Questions:

  • Investigations revealed discrepancies in publicly available information about 8Xbet, with doubts emerging about the existence and location of key executives. Reports suggested that the company’s leadership remained elusive, with little to no information available about its ownership structure.
  • While Manchester City’s marketing chief emphasized 8Xbet’s commitment to fan entertainment, questions lingered about the company’s origins and operations. Concerns were raised about the lack of transparency surrounding the partnership and its potential implications for the club’s reputation.

Dubious Social Media Presence:

  • Further investigations suggested that 8Xbet’s social media accounts were administered from the United Arab Emirates, rather than Southeast Asia, contradicting the targeted market. Speculations arose regarding the involvement of a Dubai-based marketing firm in managing 8Xbet’s online presence, raising questions about the authenticity of its outreach efforts.
  • The discrepancy between 8Xbet’s purported focus on Southeast Asia and its social media management from the UAE fueled suspicions about the company’s true intentions and capabilities in the region.

License and Domain Ownership:

  • Despite claims of establishment in 2018, 8Xbet’s domain was still listed for sale in 2021, raising doubts about the company’s longevity and credibility. The gambling operator’s license issued in Curacao added to the mystery, as questions about its legitimacy persisted and its regulatory oversight came into question.
  • The ambiguity surrounding 8Xbet’s domain ownership and licensing status raised concerns about the company’s compliance with industry regulations and its commitment to ethical business practices.

Unknown Ownership and Executive Profiles:

  • Reports uncovered addresses purportedly affiliated with 8Xbet, revealing locations inconsistent with a reputable gambling operator. Questions were raised about the company’s physical presence and its ability to operate transparently and responsibly.
  • Concerns deepened as investigations failed to uncover any substantial online presence for 8Xbet’s founder, Ryan Li, or CEO, Trinh Thy Trang. The absence of verifiable information about key executives cast doubt on the credibility and legitimacy of the company’s leadership.
  • The authenticity of profiles associated with 8Xbet’s executives, including a LinkedIn profile with a dubious profile picture, came under scrutiny, adding to the skepticism surrounding the company’s leadership and its commitment to transparency and accountability.

Ambassadorial Role of Teddy Sheringham:

  • Teddy Sheringham, former England striker, served as the sole representative of 8Xbet, primarily through his ambassadorial role involving video content on YouTube. However, the presence of a single ambassador raised questions about the company’s credibility and industry standing, as well as its ability to build meaningful relationships with stakeholders and fans.


The controversy surrounding Manchester City’s partnership with 8Xbet underscores the importance of transparency and due diligence in sports sponsorships. As questions persist regarding the gambling operator’s ownership and legitimacy, the partnership serves as a cautionary tale for clubs seeking commercial ventures in the gambling industry. Moving forward, greater scrutiny and accountability are essential to ensure the integrity of such partnerships and protect the interests of fans and stakeholders alike. As the debate continues, stakeholders must remain vigilant in upholding ethical standards and holding sponsors accountable for their actions.

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